Super Haters

I’m super psyched to be sharing Super Haters here on Your Webcomics! It’s a Monday-Friday superhero satire webcomic starring Destruct-O-Tron and Mind’s Eye.

Super Haters #277

Mind's Eye asks RALF an unusual question, from Super Haters #277.

They’re slacker superheroes who spend more time arguing with each other than they do going out and saving people.

Super Haters #278

Nobody believes in Destruct-O-Tron, from Super Haters #278.

In the current story arc, Destruct-O-Tron has started making his own comics and he’s struggling to write, draw, promote, and print his work. Meanwhile, an obnoxious alien — affectionately nicknamed RALF — has been eating everything in sight while giving Mind’s Eye a huge headache.

Super Haters #281

RALF farts while Destruct-O-Tron tries to work, from Super Haters #278.

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Creator of Super Haters, a Mon-Fri superhero satire webcomic starring Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye.

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