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So, as I was meandering throughout the web, thirsting for a new webcomic to dive into, I found myself instead visiting old favorites. As luck would have it, this worked out to my advantage. As I was flipping through the interviews on The Obscure Gentlemen, I came across their session with the creator of Ink on the Side. And I was instantly enamored.

I hungrily devoured over a years worth of the archive, and when I had finished, I knew I needed to write about it immediately.

Sareens artwork has certainly come a long way since her first post, and she has ventured into the territory of robust backgrounds and interesting layout busters. Her writing style often follows the beat beat beat punchline paradigm, without growing predictable. But, in my opinion, Sareen is at her best in her silent comics. For whatever reason, she has a particular penchant for story telling when there is no dialogue what-so-ever. Perhaps it is because her characters become overly expressive, or maybe it’s that there are often more than four standard panels in which to paint a picture, but as I continued to flip through comics, I found myself eagerly anticipating the ones without text.

In any event, I highly recommend you visit Ink on the Side as quickly as possible; but be forewarned, don’t check out the site unless you have a solid chunk of time to kill. You’ll be staying for a while.

Ink on the Side

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