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So, based on an anonymous tip (*ahem*) I decided to dive into The Frumps for my next review. This webcomic was completely new to me, and I really had no idea what to expect.

What is a Frump, you might ask? They remind me of the worms from the ‘Worms’ series video games, except with larger, more expressive eyes. Oh, and they also happen to be extraordinarily vulgar. But, not just vulgar for vulgars’ sake – vulgar in support of the joke at hand, which is something I can certainly appreciate. If such language offends you, The Frumps is not for you.

In terms of artwork, it’s clear that the artist, Saeed, is more at home drawing The Frumps themselves than any of the humans they occasionally interact with. Some might portray that as a weakness in the art style, however, to me it merely helps keep the Frumps as the star(s) of the show. With their incredible large eyes, Saeed makes liberal use of the expressiveness those features can convey. In more recent comics, backgrounds and shadows are quite well done.

A final facet to The Frumps isn’t actually a comment on the comic at all. I enjoyed a recent article written by the creator, entitled: “Geek on a date.” The article is a shockingly introspective analysis of the artists experience as a mid-30’s geek still involved in the dating scene. It is certainly a pertinent topic, one that I can certainly relate to, and I was impressed with the stark honesty of the piece. It provided a nice balance to the relative shock-value vulgarity that the comic regularly delivers.

The Frumps

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