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When you first hear about Anyone for Rhubarb, a fairly typical reaction is to make a quizzical face and express mild surprise at the title itself. Frankly, Rhubarb isn’t an oft used vegetable, and connecting it with the name of a webcomic most certainly has a bit of…quirky panache. That pairing of words, ‘quirky panache,’ quite accurately describes Anyone for Rhubarb as an entity. On the one hand, the artistic style is incredibly unique, lighthearted, yet complex. Each comic, though typically only a single panel, tells an entire story with intricate backgrounds and characters. On the other hand, the writing has a specific, high brow charm – even when the joke is decidedly vulgar.

Non-continuous storyline comics can be somewhat hit-or-miss, and it is not unusual for several comics to go by without a ‘bit hit.’ But for me, flipping through Anyone for Rhubarb was a treat, and I found myself hankering for the next comic. The comic has only been around since last year, so it was an easy and enjoyable task to go through the entire archive in one sitting.

To me, the major downside of the comic is that creator Christian Henry only updates once a week! To be fair, that is probably why both the art and writing are consistently well crafted. On a final note – webcomic owners should take note of the sites design and even the text on the about page. They are both in character, and thoughtfully executed. There is something to be said for that level of attention to detail.

Anyone for Rhubarb

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