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Because there are so many fantastic webcomics out there, I’ve been asking on the Twitterz which one I should review next. I received a number of great suggestions today, and ultimately decided to write about Hatefarm.

In a word, Hatefarm is disturbing. Disgusting, vulgar, and offensive. And fantastic. Hatefarm consistently encapsulates in each comic the evil, terrible thoughts that you have in your darkest moments, but never actually verbalize.

To characterize Hatefarm as a ‘joke-a-day’ type comic would be doing the creators a disservice. Something along the lines of ‘wickedly twisted shock-a-day’ comics would be more accurate. It helps that the artistic style is completely congruent with the somewhat primal negativity that each comic exudes. To call many of the topics morbid might be somewhat of an understatement, but that is clearly the objective, and one that is consistently achieved with smashing success.

If I had to offer one criticism, it would be that I simply don’t like the word bubbles or font that is used in many of the comics. They just don’t fit the unique personality that the writing, art, even the rest of the site offers in droves. I wrestled with myself on this; at first I thought they offered some semblance of normalcy, some balance to the rest of the insanity. Ultimately, I decided against that line of thinking; there is nothing normal about Hatefarm, and that is exactly how it ought to be.

A short word of caution: don’t check this comic out for the first time at work. Your co-workers might think there is something terribly, terribly wrong with you.


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