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It has become increasingly difficult to decide which webcomic to review each evening, as there have been so many great suggestions. I’ve tried just about everything; darts, closing my eyes and pointing, trying to coerce Twitter to pick for me. This evening, after a rather difficult search, I settled on Horde of Neurons.

I’ll warn you in advance, I struggled with this review because I didn’t want to sound overly gushy, but the truth is, I really enjoy reading this comic. Horde of Neurons is what I would classify as a cross between gag-a-day and ‘uses a mixture of real life-ish characters and completely fictional to talk about crazy things that happen to me’ type comic. The blend is quite entertaining.

Creator Jeff Couturier is at his best when his comics are sarcastic. Sure, I chuckled at quite a few strips, but any strip that was cynical or sarcastic seemed to shine the brightest. Jeff isn’t afraid to tackle longer form jokes as well, sometimes spanning six or nine panels, which quite frankly, isn’t easy to pull of, but in general, I found those strips as entertaining as the others and rarely abandoned for something shorter.

This is probably due to the fantastic artwork. Aside from being great all around, from coloring, to shadows & texture, I found a great deal of variation throughout the comics, that showed a lot of different angles to the same style. At first, this struck me as a little dis-jointed, but as I continued to peruse, my opinion changed. Ultimately, I decided on the term multi-faceted, as I think that works best. To reiterate, Jeff’s creative flexibility is probably what helps keep the longer strip so engaging, something I consider to be rather admirable.

To be honest, the only drawback to such great artwork is when it skips a beat. There was a comic or three that I felt just missed the mark, at least aesthetically. I realized that most of these were black & white, which forced me to recognize the stark contrast between their execution and their color laden counterparts. Put another way; comics in color were always exceptional, strips in black & white were nearly always exceptional.

Those minor nit-picks aside (really, that’s about all I could possibly come up with) the comic really is great, and if you have somehow been living under a rock and not already been reading it, I suggest you start immediately.

You can read the comic here: http://hordeofneurons.com
You can find Jeff on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/#!/jeffcouturier

Horde of Neurons 

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