– webcomic review

I was feeling a little run-down when I started my daily search for a comic to review, so I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I ultimately decided on something humorous.

While certainly classified as a gag-a-day type comic, Colmics brand humor is one that creeps up on you. The jokes are often more on the subtle side, sometimes even requiring a double take, or a little thought to discern the ironic meaning of the imagery. That is probably why I so thoroughly enjoyed reading strip after strip. Not every comic achieves this level of intelligent irony, but even the more straightforward jokes are still clever. And, for the most part, the humor is work-appropriate, so you won’t have to think twice about forwarding to your co-workers (unless they can’t appreciate a little morbid humor now and then).

Artistically, creator Colm Ryan doesn’t deploy the most complex artwork that is out there now, but I didn’t find the comics lacking. If anything, I think the simple style, which I would characterize as straightforward, without a lot of unnecessary adornments, actually helps the subtle nature of the jokes achieve greater success than they otherwise might. Given the four panel, relatively short layout, there isn’t a great deal of room for complicated visuals anyway, which suits the style just fine. As I have pointed out with other comics, I’d love to see more variation in panel design; more panel busters or unique layouts of characters, text and backgrounds. But, that would simply be the icing on the cake, as I plan to continue visiting regardless.

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