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The Underfold is a webcomic that kept coming up in conversation with creators, and by some strange twist of fate, I had not had a chance to check it out until now. In short, I am quite glad I did. The Underfold is another hybrid webcomic, that for the most part follows a loose continuous storyline involving about four main characters. However, creator Brian Russell mixes in both random geek humor gag-a-day strips, as well as recurring gags such as the Dr. Wiley unemployment office, which is a comical take on rejected MegaMan boss applicants.

Artistically, Brian doesn’t employ a plethora of bells and whistles – both his characters and backgrounds are for the most part simple and straightforward. But,  Brian does clearly put time & effort into his characters expressions, which given the relative starkness that is typical for a strip, really makes the characters reactions stand out. Also, what Brian might sometimes lack in terms of elaborate backgrounds, he more than makes up for with the strategic use of animation. Again, in line with the clean aesthetic this is never over-done and always supports the joke or story.

I think my favorite aspect of The Underfold is clearly the writing. Brian’s jokes are almost always hilarious. In particular, the main character (also named Brian) is often frustrated by the seeming insanity that surrounds him, often with comical results. This penchant for comedy spans all three of the most frequent types of strips that Brian churns out.

Honestly, one of my absolute favorite aspects of The Underfold is the detailed new reader page. Brian clues you in to the beginning of the current storyline, points out some specific plot developments, and also gives the reader access to bonus comics, social networking stuff, and more. A lot of creators would do well to take note of this simple yet important collection of information.

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The Underfold

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