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After watching my home town NCAA team (Syracuse – go Orange!) squeak out a win, I wanted to keep my good mood intact. So, I decided to check out a gag-a-day webcomic that received multiple suggestions: Legacy Control.

I had a sneaking suspicion that these strips would be hilarious based on Twitter interactions, but what I was not necessarily expecting was the incredible artwork and engaging mini-stories.

Creator Javis Ray basically has it all. As I moved from strip to strip, each comic had something to like. Exhibit A would show detailed shadows, coloring and backgrounds, while Exhibit B transversed a four comic mini-series, with the heavy subject matter of personal demons injected into the context of a Resident Evil style Zombie-apocalypse! The best part of all? There were many strips that had multiple positive facets that result in a very satisfying archive-consuming experience. Finally, some of my favorite strips were those without any text at all. The Mario regret comic is incredible. The artwork is amazing, and really conveys the weight of the emotions involved. And yet, somehow, the strip also manages to be funny, comically satirical.

Javis also scores points in the non-comic stuff that I usually harp on: the site is well designed (love the argyle background) and there is a decent about page to help get new readers acquainted with the strip, characters, etc.

A few minor negatives are worth mentioning. As fantastic as the artwork can be, I noticed that it is not always of the same calibre. I realize not every at-bat is a home-run, but, hey, its my review and I thought it was worth mentioning. Javis does such a great job with the typical three panel layout, that I hesitate to even mention it, but I would really like to see what he can do with some increase in panel variation (both in terms of quantity as well as size/placement/etc). Finally, and this is the one thing that really bugged me – the site was, at times, incredibly slow! This was particularly frustrating because I was so engrossed in attempting to plow through the entire archive, that had I not been trying to write a review, I probably would have just given up. I suspect other potential raving fans have experienced the same thing, possibly even causing perfectly good fans to abandon unnecessarily.

As usual, these draw-backs are relatively minor (except for the page load time issue), so for anyone looking for another humor webcomic to add to their routine, Legacy Control will slot in perfectly, and will do so with unexpectedly exceptional artwork.

Read Legacy Control here: http://legacy-control.com/
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