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I was in the mood for something epic, and as I flipped through the long list of webcomics suggested to me, I came across Vanguard Comic.

What struck me right off the bat, was the extensive character list, each with very detailed descriptions and ‘character cards.’ Creator Dan Butcher certainly put in the sweat equity to build a robust and nuanced world. The first few strips in the series lay out both a national security crisis, as well as enough political intrigue to make you think you’re in the middle of a James Bond movie.

The back-story certainly shines, and draws you in immediately. Dialogue between characters is concise and consistent; it doesn’t take long for you to start to anticipate how a particular character would respond in a given situation, something that I think really speaks to how well they are crafted.

The comic is laid out comic-book style, which as I’ve said before for whatever reason I am not usually a fan of when viewing digitally, but for some reason this comic seems to work. I think it is due to the panel layout choices that are made. Backgrounds and scenes are usually very detailed, and consistently purvey a sense of grander that reinforces the epic storyline. Shadow work and coloring are also pretty good, but there was something about certain perspectives of character shots that struck me as inconsistent. I can’t quite put my finger on it but in some panels, at certain angles, something just seemed off.

But, that small niggle aside, I was still eagerly flipping through the archive, not wanting to wait to see what would happen next. The only real issue with Vanguard is that the archive is relatively small, and in no time at all I was at the end, making myself a recurring calendar appointment so I don’t forget to come back to see how the story progresses!

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Vanguard Comic

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