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It truly is amazing how a few clicks can lead to something so unexpectedly great. As I was hunting around for a webcomic to review, I stumbled onto a sites link page. I am not really sure why, but a clicked a text link instead of all the banners, and landed on Imy the Comic, and I am incredibly glad that I did!

This gem of a comic is absolutely wonderful. This may sound overly gushy but there is so much to like. The characters are brimming with personality, with sharp, witty dialogue that you really believe. Creator Irma insists in several places (even in the comic itself) that the main character is not her per-say, but the interplay between characters seems so natural, that it is difficult to believe that these situations aren’t taken directly from real life experiences (though it is clear the influence is undeniable).

Artistically, the strips are incredibly varied. Panel options range from your standard three & four panels, to large single panels, non-standard six panels, and everything in between. There is a bevy of variety in terms of storytelling too, with many a comic where there is no dialogue, as an example, and the strip plays out with visuals alone. For a webcomic that is very often a continuous storyline, the variety is incredibly refreshing and helps to keep you from getting bored. Finally, color, texture and line work are all quite good. There is definitely a pride of craftsmanship that pervade the comic, all the way down to the newly redesigned site itself, which is also very well executed. Not that I was necessarily looking, but there wasn’t much I could find in the way of criticism.

There is one thing that I noticed, which isn’t really a flaw, more just an observation. While flipping through the very beginning part of the archive, the strips were incredibly funny! More recent comics, though, seem a little deeper, a little more sarcastic, and more cynical. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t still humor, but I do believe you will witness a maturation from beginning to end both in the calibre of artwork, and the nuance of dialogue. Either way, you could easily lose yourself in this comic, and be perfectly happy that you did.

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