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Creator Spotlight Series: Mallville Rules

Today, I present to you: Mallville Rules! Synopsis: Mallville Rules is the greatest webcomic ever created.  It is about a high school filled with super powered kids.  But it’s not the kind of special high school where they learn how to fight, or deal with special abilities.  Like regular high school it’s almost a complete […]

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This evening, I bring to you a fantastic webcomic that is almost solely focused on gaming related humor. Word of warning: if you are not an avid gamer (somewhat more specifically, knowledgeable about Nintendo games) this webcomic might not be for you, as the humor might pass you by. However, as you will read below, […]

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Creator Spotlight Series: Cartoons by Jim

For this installment of the creator spotlight series, I introduce you to Cartoons by Jim! SYNOPSIS: What is Cartoons by Jim? Just that, cartoons … by Jim! Who is Jim? Jim is me, the alter-ego of mild-mannered, New Zealand based PR consultant (by day) Brendan Boughen. I have been drawing cartoons for over 25 years, […]

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Mohagen was suggested to be my none other than one of the creators himself. I was instantly drawn in by this webcomic, and the appeal starts with the premise itself; Mohagen is a gold fish, and the strips chronicle the humorous interactions between Mohagen and his fishbowl dwelling companion Grady (basically a totem-like fishbowl decoration). The creators […]

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Creator Interview – Stephen Beals of

Tonight, I was fortunate enough to talk webcomics with industry titan (har har, I know Stephen will get a kick out of that illustrious title) Stephen Beals of I have long been a fan of Cheesebo, and look forward to each DAILY! installment. You might remember I  also did a review, and I was […]

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Creator Spotlight Series:

Welcome to the first of what I hope is a long running and exciting new series, creator spotlights. Every two weeks or so, I am seeking out webcomic creators to highlight, and will do so by having them create an original comic just for, as well as answer a few questions to help you […]

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Faraday the Blob – webcomic review

If you’re looking for grand story telling, impressive visuals, and humor that sneaks up on you, look no further than Faraday the Blob. This webcomic has so much to appreciate, I am not even sure where to begin. To start, the pacing & grand stories are incredible. This webcomic tends to be longer form, usually […]

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Creator Interview – Twxxd

This evening I spent time with the two hilarious Canadians who create a variety show of comics at Brandon & Colin are podcasting veterans, so it should come as no surprise that the discussion flowed rather smoothly. We discuss the origins of Twxxd, lessons learned, plans for the future, the webcomic community in general, […]

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