Creator Spotlight Series:

Welcome to the first of what I hope is a long running and exciting new series, creator spotlights. Every two weeks or so, I am seeking out webcomic creators to highlight, and will do so by having them create an original comic just for, as well as answer a few questions to help you get better acquainted. My first spotlight is on Creator Eric was my first guinea pig, and I think the result turned out great. His answer to my questions are below the comic. If you are interested in participating, feel free to contact me!
Webcomic synopsis: Glenn and Eric: two axe-swinging, beaver owning, igloo residing French-Canadians have set out to change the face of the internet once and for all. Their onslaught of tasteless, convoluted pseudo-wit relentlessly berates the good wholesome interwebs like an unrelenting bukkake-fall. It all happens Tuesdays and Thursdays in the form of Inconsistent Comics: Comics with Class.

* What prompted you to start your webcomic?

In the 3rd grade Glenn and I used to compete at drawing STREET SHARKS, which made us pretty cool. Now that we’re old, shrivelled ghostly shells of our former selves we decided to sell out and get into the moneymaking business: webcomics. That’s right; we’re in it for all the greasy sleazy monies. Inconsistent Comics: We HATE comics but LOVE YOUR MONIES.  Can we get paid now?

* Which strip is your favorite?

Either this one because it should NEVER become a ‘thing’ or this one because it’s actually the only one that still makes me cringe when I see it.

* Plans for the future?

Hahahah? oh god, there’s a ‘future?’ Well as I continue this aerospace engineer thingy and Glenn buffs the shine into a continuum of new Harleys, we’re realizing we NEED this comic to pick up chicks in bars. Seriously though, we started it to have fun, we’ve been having fun, and we’ll continue doing it for as long as we’re enjoying it. It’s really more about us than the reader. Shit, can we edit that part out?

* What other webcomics do you read regularly and think others should too?

Well, off the bat I’d have to say that Hatefarm and Toonhole, who I consider to be in the same general genre as us, simply do it much better. So there’s that. I’ve had, quite literally, no free time these last few months so my reading’s been restricted to my twitter friend’s comics: obscure gentlemen, mallville rules, ink on the side, gyno-star and even dust piggies. Look, the more I name, the more good comics I leave out and piss off… I might add rockpapercynik, that dude’s legit.

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I love webcomics from the perspective of both a fan and a writer. I wanted to create a site that served both groups equally, and functioned as a central hub for anything and everything relating to webcomics!