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Mohagen was suggested to be my none other than one of the creators himself. I was instantly drawn in by this webcomic, and the appeal starts with the premise itself; Mohagen is a gold fish, and the strips chronicle the humorous interactions between Mohagen and his fishbowl dwelling companion Grady (basically a totem-like fishbowl decoration).

The creators certainly have a sarcastic, and somewhat ironic sense of humor, that if often rather dry. The comic is mostly gag-a-day, but there are a slew of recurring jokes and mini storyline components that adds continuity between strips. Topics range from pop-culture & video games to current events and some light politics. Jokes are delivered crisply, and usually gain a chuckle or three. To me, the comic isn’t drop-dead hilarious, but that didn’t really lesson my interest. Don’t get me wrong; the writing is really quite good. The humor is just more…understated than your typical shock-value gag-a-day strip usually aspires to.

Artistically, the comic is beautiful, in its dim, somewhat murky under-water setting. The artist makes liberal use of Mohagen’s gargantuan eyes; expressions are entirely dramatic and leave you with no questions as to how the goldfish is feeling at the moment. And, those emotions certainly run the gamut – Mohegan is a fickle little fish, with a great deal more depth than is typically displayed in this type of webcomic.

If I had to offer a point of contention, it would be around scene variation. Sure, as you flip through the latest portion of the archive, there is some variation. A panel change here, an “in the dark” comic there. But, by and large, a lot of the strips use essentially the same exact setting, character locations, etc. Contrast this with the very beginning part of the archive, and I think you will see what I mean. This webcomic is great, I’d love to see it stretch a bit and add some much needed variation!

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