Creator Spotlight Series: Cartoons by Jim

For this installment of the creator spotlight series, I introduce you to Cartoons by Jim!

SYNOPSIS: What is Cartoons by Jim? Just that, cartoons … by Jim! Who is Jim? Jim is me, the alter-ego of mild-mannered, New Zealand based PR consultant (by day) Brendan Boughen. I have been drawing cartoons for over 25 years, having had my first comic strip published in a newspaper at age 13. (Here’s the bio from my web site I lived in Australia all my life until I moved to New Zealand 13 years ago and have pretty much become a Kiwi since.

www.cartoonsbyjim.comQUESTION ONE:What prompted you to start your webcomic?

I started the web site in 2006 around the time my first solo book ‘Gone Astray: a Collection of (Sac)Religious Cartoons by Jim’ was published. The site was meant to be something of a marketing tool for the book and my cartooning generally. However, I didn’t actually get into using it to do the regular webcomic thing until June 2011. I committed myself to doing a new cartoon every week for the site basically to push myself creatively and improve the cartooning I was doing. Since then I have pretty much kept to that goal of a new cartoon on the site every week, and started properly getting them out there via Twitter and Facebook.

QUESTION TWO: Which strip is your favorite?

I like the strips where I get to draw something a bit bizarre, such as this one with a zombie or this one with aliens But I also like doing the cartoons which I describe as (sac)religious, such as this one: which was featured on the world famous St Matthew-in-the-City billboard in Auckland a couple years ago. I grew up in the Church, but officially left it at around age 30, and so have enjoyed skewering the idiosyncrasies of that institution in cartoon form for many years. (The whole of ‘Gone Astray’ is on that theme.)

QUESTION THREE: Plans for the future?

I want to keep pushing myself creatively with my cartoons as often as possible and keep getting published (and where possible, paid!) I’m currently doing editorial cartoons for two different magazines in New Zealand, as well as various books for some author friends, so am keen to just keep expanding the client list. The dream of course is to be able to make a living from it full time some day, but until that day I will just keep cartooning whenever and wherever possible!

QUESTION FOUR: What other webcomics do you read regularly and think others should too?

Having only been properly on Twitter for about nine months, I’ve reading as many webcomics as I can from the myriad that are out there. I particularly like what Christian Henry (Anyone for Rhubarb), Mark Stokes (Zombie Boy), JBabb Comics and Stephen Beals (Cheesbo) do artistically, and the quirks of their respective comics. I also like the simplicity and humour of strips like The Cutting Edge by @EdHallx, the single panels of @Dustpiggies and the eclectic Robot Cake Tank cartoons by @crashsuit (with whom I collaborated on a recent comic jam; ie. ) That’s just to name a few! I love discovering the new webcomics that go up all the time.

Regarding the Stephen Fry cartoon … He has been in New Zealand recently filming The Hobbit, which inspired this little glimpse into Kiwi culture. If anyone needs any help to decipher what it’s referring to, just Google him and the letters NZ, and all will be made clear!

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