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This evening, I bring to you a fantastic webcomic that is almost solely focused on gaming related humor. Word of warning: if you are not an avid gamer (somewhat more specifically, knowledgeable about Nintendo games) this webcomic might not be for you, as the humor might pass you by. However, as you will read below, there is still a lot to enjoy, even if you don’t necessarily understand the jokes.

As someone with a gaming history, I was immediately enamored with the game-related humor that is the primary focus of Kakujomics. Creator Bryan Lacie often takes a completely sidelong view of the less apparent focus of various Nintendo games, and does a great job with longer-form strips that unfold with an interesting mix of silly and serious. An excellent example of this is the strip Story of Goom, which takes a brief look into the life of Goomba from the Mario Brothers series. The story that is told is one that I simply never would have thought of, and it is extremely entertaining.

As an excellent compliment to solid storytelling, Bryan’s artwork is also note-worthy. I was shocked when I read the about section and discovered self doubt (OK, so he IS an artist, but still…). Flipping through the archive was like some sort of romp in an extraordinary alternate universe where Nintendo games have truly come to life, and you are witnessing various stories unfold right before your eyes. Characters, backgrounds, coloring, line-work; Bryan executes each facet very, very well.  Panel layouts are rarely repetitious, and I would venture to say that strips that go well beyond the standard 3 or 4 panels is the norm rather than the exception. To simply say I enjoyed the artwork seems like a drastic under-statement, but there it is. A final note: I really enjoy the use of text. Some strips are fairly straightforward with standard word bubbles, etc. But every now and then the text becomes an incredibly power part of the strip itself; explosive, expressive, and downright integral. Fantastic!

As usual, a few minor gripes. The site itself doesn’t stand-up to the quality of the comic, in my opinion. If you just land on the site, and for whatever reason forget to scroll down, you might be a little put off by the main banner. It seems like such a small detail, but, I think it might matter to possible new readers. In the same vein I noticed the update schedule is relatively sporadic of late. I only mention that because it seems like a crying shame for this webcomic not to update regularly, and benefit from the type of readership that level of commitment can garner.

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