Creator Spotlight Series: Mallville Rules

Today, I present to you: Mallville Rules!


Mallville Rules is the greatest webcomic ever created.  It is about a high school filled with super powered kids.  But it’s not the kind of special high school where they learn how to fight, or deal with special abilities.  Like regular high school it’s almost a complete waste of everyone’s time.  Since everyone has super powers (except for Peter) no one is really at an advantage. So, they just sort of go about their day and only occasionally do their powers come into play.  Mostly it’s just about four friends just trying to survive high school. prompted you to start your webcomic?

I’ve been drawing comics and coming up with superheroes for as long as I can remember.  I actually wrote a handful of short comics that were published in independent comicbooks back when people were still making money printing black and white books.  And then I guess “life happened” and I stopped doing it.  It remained my dream to write classic, mainstream superhero books for Marvel comics.  So, I took a writing for comics class about 5 years ago and met a guy named Chris Rubiano.  Fast forward a couple of years and I run into him at New York Comicon and he’s started a website called where he publishes a variety of webcomics.  I started out by helping him edit his webcomic Odessa which is really smart and serious.  And I just wanted to do the complete opposite.

Which strip is your favorite?

I did Book 1 of Mallville Rules by myself; writing and drawing it. It’s a mess.  Starting in Book 2 Mike Shea took over the art chores.  And we’re total strangers, so I wasn’t really sure how well it was going to work.  So, he sent me #3 and he told me, “I hope you don’t mind, but I decided to show Mad Dog’s mom fucking the dog.”  And I thought that was a good sign.  But when he sent me the art for #9, I thought, “Wow.  I think we have something really special here.”  But the other thing about picking a favorite strip is  it’s usually “the next one” that will always be my favorite.

Plans for the future?

I just finished an all ages comic called Casey the Pillow Fighter.  That will start on in a few weeks.  I hope to do more stories about him.  Ultimately, I want Axel Alonso to read Mallville Rules and hire Mike and myself to take over X-Men.  If that doesn’t work out, he doesn’t have to hire Mike.  That’s not a deal breaker.

What other webcomics do you read regularly and think others should too?

I read way too many webcomics. People should read all of the webcomics on and not just because they host mine.  They really are all gems and they are all completely different. Inconsistent Comics is great, and he mentioned me when you asked him his favorites.  Twxxd is great, and they did not mention me when you asked, so I’m mentioning them purely out of spite.  Hatefarm, Spine, Raven’s Dojo, Vanguard, Locus, The Obscure Gentlemen.  My mom writes Gynostar so I can’t leave her out.   I can’t name them all.  Follow me on Twitter and I have a list called great webcomics which has about 60 webcomics on it.  All of them are worth reading.


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