The Pull – webcomic review

For my triumphant return to some semblance of normalcy, I wasn’t quite sure what webcomic to review. There are just-so-many to choose from, and it seems there are even more than before I took my little break. Based on a suggestion received via Twitter, I started reading through The Pull.

I was hooked as soon as I saw the first strip. The Pull is essentially a doomsday type webcomic, written and illustrated very much like a traditional comic book. Each addition the series has the right pacing to always leave you wanting to read what comes next, which is a highly addictive quality to possess. I will admit, the first few strips left me a little confused, as they are fairly fast-paced, contain a lot of visual detail, but are light on explanation. But, this is probably one of the reasons I kept clicking, I yearned to make sense of it all.

The webcomic employs a lot of great panel variation, most of the time (more on this in a bit). To me, the black & white style employed doesn’t detract from the comic, rather it adds to the general theme of impending doom. Over time, nuggets of knowledge regarding character backstories are revealed, though those revelations are sometimes far few and in-between. Either way, the writing is certainly engaging, and as mentioned before has a certain speculative quality that keeps you wondering from strip to strip.

In terms of drawbacks, I think there are a few things holding the webcomic back from even greater praise. To start, there was a bit of a strange dichotomy going on in terms of visual complexity between strips. Many were very detailed and well represented, however, here and there a few seemed just…phoned in. The dip in quality was a little disappointing. Also, there were a few comics where when I reached the end I felt things were a little rushed in terms of how the story was playing out; dialogue is light in general, sometimes a little more interplay between characters might be nice.

At any rate, this webcomic certainly has a lot of promise, and I am eager to follow along and find out what happens next!

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