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In the world of webcomics, anything that breaks the mold of your standard gag-a-day, or continuous storyline type comics is a breath of fresh air. That is exactly how I would describe what you will find at The concept is simple, but incredibly entertaining; instead of a collaborative process or even a traditional ‘write first, draw later’ type progression, creators Dale Mettam and Courtney Huddleston do just the opposite. Courtney whips up a drawing, and Dale attempts to pair it with the perfect script/caption/etc.

The results are often entertaining. Nothing about the strips is overly complex, and I think that is one of the reasons I enjoyed them so much. I found myself playing along, often thinking about a particular sketch and wondering how I might have captioned the piece, or laughing along as I envisioned Dale (whom I’ve never met and certainly don’t know) struggling to write something that fit just so.

Aesthetics and text are intentionally simple and concise, so don’t visit expecting an overly elaborate manga style webcomic. My only criticisms are relatively minor; I think the use of color is fairly restrained, and it might be nice to see a few full color pieces now and then. Also, some of the ‘four-panel’ strips seem unnaturally small, and I couldn’t tell if there was a purpose to this or simply a function of, well, I’m not really quite sure. It lessened my enjoyment ever so slightly.

I definitely recommend both a visit and a trip through the archive. So many of the comics deliver successful ‘one-liners’ that are both easy to digest quickly, and usually chuckle-worthy to boot.

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