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www.spinecomic.comPerhaps because it was a Saturday night, the desire for a longer form comic struck me, and led to this webcomic review of spinecomic.com. Once I started reading this series, I simply couldn’t stop. Eclectic both in aesthetics and story, creator Cihan Sesen has created a wonderful post-apocalyptic world populated by compelling characters that evolve slowly but surely as the story progresses.

To be perfectly honest, the first ‘chapter’ almost lost me. These strips are pretty light on story, and rely heavy on action and rich visuals to maintain interest. In particular, the use of near monochromatic color schemes from strip to strip are strangely addictive. Mix in the splashes of accent color, intense action, and enough intrigue to hook you, and the first chapter simply flies by. Chapter two satiates the now burning desire to understand what the heck is going on, and reveals backstory integral to understanding both the world and the characters residing within it.

I simply can’t praise the coloring, shadows, motion, and use of color enough. Also, panel style and variation are extremely well done. I think there is some really impressive work being done in this webcomic. To offer some constructive criticism, I’m still undecided on the dialogue. At times, conversations feel…forced; the flow is less than natural. However, this is balanced by angst ridden, internal reflection that oozes emotion, so perhaps that balances out the scales. The only true quibble I have is the somewhat inconsistent character presentation. I couldn’t quite but my finger on it, but there were times when I felt like even the main characters simply weren’t drawn consistently. Is this by design? Perhaps – I’m not sure. But, this stood in stark contrast to the painstaking detail that was evident in landscapes and backgrounds.

I was only able to make it through the second chapter before I had to abandon to write this review while the iron was still hot. I am really looking forward to  reading through the remainder of the story, and eagerly await what comes next.

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