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In this evenings webcomic review, I wanted to bring to light that there is still room for family friendly humor, amidst a sea of crude dick-joke type webcomics. Not that there is anything wrong with them (as evidenced by my glowing review of HateFarm) but I think there is something to be said about a creator like Tim Green who can remain humorous and relevant without that style of joke.

Tim has assembled an unlikely cast of characters, centered around a teenage vampire, Vinnie. Jokes bounce between relevant current events and classic interplay between the characters and their ensuing shenanigans. One of my favorite aspects of this webcomic is the consistency of the characters; not just aesthetically, but also the personalities. Anytime I find myself saying, “That is such a Vinnie thing to say…” I know the creator has created something special. I think my favorite interactions are Vinnie and Vampa, and I often wonder if Tim is projecting his relationship with his father every time they interact.

Coloring, line-work, and backgrounds skew towards the simpler end of the scale, but that doesn’t detract from the comic at all. If anything, it makes joke delivery a straight-forward and no-frills affair. There is some measure of panel variation, but this is certainly an area where I think Tim could push the boundaries a bit more.

There are two things that I wish were different about this webcomic. The first is that the creator just dropped down to two comics a week! But such is life. The second thing is the banner on the site. I realize this has nothing to do with the webcomic itself, but I feel that it mis-represents the comic a bit. The oozing blood, sharp red, and black background project a far darker image than the comic actually has, and if anything, I worry about someone abandoning before they ever even get to the strip!

Those extremely minor detractions aside, I think Vinnie the Vampire is a great comic, cultivated with care and one that can safely be shared at home or the office without fear of possibly offensive material; a rarity to be treasured for sure.

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