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Hominids ComicThe first thing you will probably notice about Hominids is the unique approach to strip presentation. So as not to ruin the surprise, I will let you visit the site to see what I am talking about, but suffice it to say that I find the mechanism deployed incredibly refreshing. From the very start, you understand that there is a story being told here, and forgoing ad refreshes and pageviews to allow readers to focus solely on story progression and the strip itself was wonderfully immersive.

In terms of the comic itself, there is certainly a lot to enjoy. The comic reads more like a manga-book, in terms of layout and panel variation. Backgrounds are incredibly rich and deep, adding to the sensation of being sucked into a completely different world. Not to disparage the first chapter, but the change in font and addition of color in chapters 2 & 3 were welcome changes. Creator Jordan Kotzebue makes liberal use of huge landscape shots, which often comprise multiple panels worth of action sequences, which are nearly always executed to extremely well.

Another thing that struck me were the vivid character expressions. Shading, line & detail work are also worth positive checks, especially the attention to detail surrounding shadows caused by the canopy of trees when the sun is shining above the top of the forest.

It wouldn’t be a yourwebcomics.com review without a few notable detractions. First, at least for me, is the unabashed use of topless female characters. Yea yea, why would I complain about this!? I don’t know – it just seems…unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, it is tastefully done. But, for some reason it closes the door for me interms of envisioning anything romantic happening between the characters. I have no idea why I feel that way, it is just my gut reaction. Along with this, there are times when the dialogue seems a little…clunky. For the most part, the story comes across pretty clear, but the interplay between characters is sometimes lacking emotion and cohesion. Something just doesn’t flow. This issue isn’t systemic, and certainly didn’t wholly detract from the experience, it is just something I noticed on occasion. Similarly, consistency with character illustration falls into the same boat; nearly always good, with some mentionable spots of missed execution.

Those notes aside, the webcomic is definitely one worth watching. Three 25 page chapters seems like it will keep you coming back, but I was able to read through the entire thing in one sitting, and now I have to wait all the way until next Tuesday for the next page to be released! I have thoroughly enjoyed things thus far, and suspect you will too.

You can read Hominids here: http://hominidscomic.com/
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  • Miw

    I just discovered the comic myself, and I am thoroughly enjoy it so far. The nudity was not a problem for me at all, I noticed it for about two pages and then it kind of faded in the background.

    Something else I noticed however is that the Neanderthals really seem to be spoke people for the Authors beliefs… nothing wrong with this, but it really feels very much “in your face” at times. Not enough to distract me from the story, though.

    I am also to see whether the community of the mountain people will reveal some good sides as well, because so far, it’s been very one-sided.