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Donnie GothWhenever a webcomic is suggested to me, and I eagerly devour the entire archive in one sitting, I know I’m on to something good. That is essentially what happened when I first landed on Donnie Goth. Once I got past my initial confusion on the relatively unconventional presentation style (more on that later), I found myself flipping through strips with unbridled enthusiasm.

I struggled in writing this review because I didn’t want to be too…gushy. But, there just wasn’t any way around it – I thoroughly loved this webcomic. The strips are organized into ‘stories’ some of which are longer than others, though the general range seems to be 4 – 12 strips per story. I really liked how you ‘flip’ through each story, almost as if you were turning pages in a comic book. The sensation of actually following a story as it progresses is quite satisfying. The goth theme is balanced by (sometimes morbid) dark humor. But, nothing is ever vulgar, other than a little blood here and there.

Coloring, background, panel variation, tone are all note-worthy. What I like about the coloring, in particular, is how there is great variation in colors used, yet, there is definitely a dark, nearly monochromatic theme that is repeated through many of the stories. In other words, the mood is very much the same, which lends a certain level of cohesion to the different stories, which for me, really tied them all together.

Dialogue is pretty sparse, but when used, it is concise and effective. It is hard to say it’s great, though, because of the restraint involved. I will say, however, that each story has a certain… poignancy involved in the ending. Maybe that isn’t the right word – but there is something about the end of each story that leaves me thinking: YES! that is how this story should end, or chuckling appropriately, etc.

In terms of detractions, there certainly isn’t much to discuss. I will say, as noted above, that I would prefer a smidgen more dialogue. Frankly, I think this is because I have a very good sense of the characters personalities, and I’d like to see them interact verbally even more (admittedly, I am bias as a writer…). I also noticed a wee bit of inconsistency with the drawings of character faces – sometimes they just seemed disproportionate to me. Maybe that’s just me. Finally, while I really, really, really, enjoy the presentation of the strips, it was a little odd to have to figure out on my own that I should click on the story on the far bottom right of the “list” page, rather than the one at the top left (which takes you to a gallery, of all things). Anyway, probably a minor point in the grand scheme of things, but certainly something I noticed.

There has been a bit of a gap in new stories, but I hear they are picking back up in the next week or two, so now is a great time to read through what’s there and set yourself up to eagerly anticipate the next iteration…

You can read Donnie Goth here: http://donniegothcomic.com/
You can find Donnie Goth on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/DonnieGoth
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