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Chin Chat ComicsI was in need of a good laugh, and as luck would have it I stumbled upon the humor of Chin Chat Comics. This webcomic and it’s archive are an incredibly good study in positive progress over time. In the very depths of the archive, you will find strips that are a bit more hit or miss (though there are certainly some real gems) and artwork that, while good, had room to grow. As you progress, laughing boisterously along the way, there is no question that both aesthetics and writing have grown admirably strip after strip.

Chin Chat Comics is most assuredly a gag-a-day type webcomic, but there is interesting usage of varied repeat characters, that each have their own little memes and sometimes recurring gags. The mixture is delightful, as you begin to develop favorites, which makes their appearance all that more special. Visually, panels are often well varied, with stark white-space or complex backgrounds as the joke dictates. I say this because the joke is clearly king; punchlines are often complex and hilarious at the same time. Pacing and rhythm consistently seem spot-on. I frequently found myself anticipating what the final panel would be, because I was conditioned to believe the payoff was going to be great. I was rarely disappointed.

Another thing worth noting is that the strips are often very light on text/dialogue. I always find this particularly interesting; as a writer, I rely on text to convey my point, and I commend any artist who can deliver such humor with sparse but concise and well placed text. Magnifico! The strips are often relatively PG, not that this really matters, but again, conveying great humor without resorting to overly gory or crude humor deserves mention.

In terms of areas for possible improvement, I had to dig deep to find anything noteworthy. I did notice a propensity to use blur and glow effects. This isn’t a huge issue by any means; more often than not it certainly support the strip. But, those effects did make their appearance fairly frequently, and I wondered if perhaps they were a bit over-used. Also, the comic only appears to be updated once a week, and often without color, which again are not huge issues, but I would love to see full color, more frequently updates! Finally, and a very minor point indeed – the archive is a little broken if you start from the beginning.

All-in-all, I had a splendid time flipping through nearly the entire archive, and rarely didn’t at least chuckle at each and every strip.

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