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Little League ComicLittle League Comic was randomly suggested to me by a one-off tweet, and I am incredibly glad it was. I am not necessarily a huge DC comic fan, but there was something magical about witnessing these characters portrayed as children. That wasn’t much of a review, but I did want to point out how brilliant I think the concept in and of itself is.

Getting back to brass tacks, one of my favorite aspects of the comic is how the characters are a wonderful mix of the classic DC characters-as-children, and the artists particular spin on their personalities. Scenes are put together quite well, with an interested drop in detail on zoom out ‘shots.’ I am particularly enamored with portrayals of motion and emotion. Both come across as believable and realistic. Every scene has great facial expressions, that fully support character dialogue.

Panels are varied, with lots of non-standard presentation that isn’t over-used and often supports the tone or pace of a particular strip. The comic hasn’t been running for that long, but never the less, the quality of each strip is consistent and has been present from the very start. The light hearted humor and G rated topics are very family friendly and should be enjoyable by all.

Speaking of the humor, there’s nothing hilarious about the comic, but there is definitely a pleasant nicety to everything that has a certain appeal. However, despite a few mini story arcs so far, for some reason I feel like the comic is just moving a little…slow. I’m not sure I say that in a negative way, because I always leave a strip with a smile on my face, but something in the back of my head tugs at me and makes me wish for a little more in terms of story development. The only other potentially negative thing I might point out is that the strips have a certain smudgey, old-comic bookey background presentation that, to me, sometimes impedes on the actual scene of the strip. Perhaps a bit over-used or too prominent, is how I would put it. But, I certainly understand the usage of the effect, and it isn’t dramatically bad, or anything like that. Finally, and I’ll say this about every webcomic that doesn’t have one – the strip needs a proper website! I did find out that someone reposts the comics into another site that has a better presentation, but that strikes me as bad form.

At any rate, this webcomic is a gem, and I only wish the archive were deeper so that I could enjoy it that much longer! I eagerly await the next strip…

You can find Little League Comic here: http://littleleaguecomic.tumblr.com/ 
You can follow creator Yale Stewart on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/@giftedlol
You can Like Little League Comic on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/littleleaguelol

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