Webcomic Review – Warrior-U

Warrior-UThis webcomic review takes a peek into the mind of an insane woman. I say that in the most positive way. Warrior-U has a certain eclectic charm, both visually and in writing, that is unmistakably exciting.

Creator Aisha Thani must be crazy; at least, that is what I kept thinking with each strip I read. There is just something…nuts about her artwork and characters. Visually, the artwork is wonderfully unique, often with a ever so slightly dark edge to it. The webcomic is a cross between continuous storyline and gag-a-day, in that it uses a few main characters repeatedly and follows their journey through Warrior University. Most strips relate back to that core concept, but many of the strips are one-off in terms of their jokes. I have particularly fond of these types of cross breeds, and Aisha executes the concept well.

The characters, their actions, and their dialogue is positively manic. I literally though these characters were going to jump off the screen and start screaming and attacking each other as often happens from strip to strip. There a certain…ren & stimpy type quality to the comic, now that I think of it. Panels vary widely, and often with interesting presentation from strip to strip. Sometimes, the panels are arranged as insanely as everything else. The artwork has been great from the very beginning of the archive, and the quality is pretty consistent. Character designs are well defined, with good shading, coloring and texture work. One area that I noticed as a little inconsistent were backgrounds. The more I dug through the archive, the more often I noticed repeated solid color backgrounds in place of something more detailed. Sometimes this was OK, sometimes I felt the lack of what I expected, given the extreme detail of everything else.

Dialogue is befitting of the characters as they have been developed, with a fair bit of bold, ALL CAPS, screaming type text. This didn’t bother me, bit it did get a tad repetitive. But, I feel like I only noticed because I was tearing through the archive. When going through only when comics are released, I suspect this is less of an issue. On a final, website related note, the website background is great!

If you happen to have a hole in your regular webcomic rounds, I highly recommend you fill it with Warrior-U.

You can read Warrior-U here: http://warrior-u.com/
You can find Aisha on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/AishaThani
You can like Warrior-U on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Warrior-U/166617283363289 

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