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Mystery BabylonThough not a conscious decision, it came to me that there are many varieties of webcomics not well represented by my reviews thus far. As such, having received a suggestion to check out Mystery Babylon, I leaped at the chance to review something a little different.

The story follows and unlikely collection of characters, centered around Kick Girl, a sort of demon who while representing all that is evil, also makes it a personal life-quest to ensure that all of the other demons of the world are not set free from where they are currently imprisoned. The style of the comic reminds me of classic Japanese Anime in more ways the one, starting with the over-the-top, distinctive character personalities, to the frequent use of zooms, implied motion, and giant eyes & mouths in certain situations. The similarities are so apparent, that I could actually envision seeing this “show” on TV, and would rather enjoy watching it.

One of my favorite aspects of this webcomic is the depth of story. Sure, many of the characters are rather formulaic and will seem familiar, but the story is deep and rich, with lots of interesting details developing over time. The story isn’t emotionally deep, per say, but there is definitely enough substance there to make you start to like and empathize with various characters as things move along. The artwork is also quite good, especially given the type of comic this tries (and succeeds) to be. Great motion, coloring, depth, and panels are very well varied. Over-the-top visuals often accompany over-the-top displays of character emotion. Dialogue fits the nature of the comic, and thankfully, I never felt that scenes were over-written or laborious to read.

In terms of aspects I wasn’t so keen on, the list is fairly short. I did feel like the two main characters look awfully similar; there may be a great reason for this that I missed, and it’s quite possible it was very intentional, but at first it was a wee bit confusing. Also, (and I think I know why) I did find it a little strange that the title of the comic is entirely different from the domain name. This last point isn’t necessarily a draw-back; more of a suggestion: break the 4th wall more frequently! There were some great strips that I kept thinking – the only thing would make this even better would be breaking that 4th wall!

Mystery Babylon is a well constructed, entertaining version of anime as webcomic. If that is your cup of tea (and really, even if it isn’t) this webcomic is worth a good look.

You can read Mystery Babylon here: http://www.kick-girl.com/
You can find the creator on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/kickgirl
You can Like this webcomic on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/MysteryBabylonComic


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