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Mega Cynics

Webcomic Review – Mega Cynics

In the spirit of cynicism, I tried really hard not to like Mega Cynics. Not for any particular reason, but, you know, to be cynical. Turns out that didn’t work. Maybe it’s because I have two sisters, or more probably because there are elements of some of my favorite webcomics, but my writer brain kept […]

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The Meek

Webcomic Review – The Meek

As a general principle, I’ve stayed away from reviewing some of the more popular webcomics that are out there, mostly because I’ve always liked the prospect that my reviews help others discover something they might not have come across on their own. But, The Meek was suggested to me, and after diving into the archive, […]

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Project Jikoku

Webcomic Review – Project Jikoku

In all honesty Project Jikoku is not necessarily the type of webcomic I would read on a regular basis. However, I am a firm believer in trying new things, and am never afraid to broaden my horizons. Project Jikoku is very much the prototypical anime/manga style webcomic, with a sci-fi based story-line and a penchant […]

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Creator Interview – Raven Perez

To herald the triumphant return of the creator interview, I spoke with Raven Perez of Ravens Dojo. Raven shares his particular insights on his webcomic, the industry, and a variety of other topics. Of particular note, Raven is running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his first book. Check it out here and consider making […]

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Celtic Shaman

Webcomic Review – Celtic Shaman

Strange as it may seem, for all of my love of webcomics, I’ve never had a terrible affinity for regular comics. Which makes absolutely no sense, given that I still prefer paper books over digital ones. What can I say, I’m strange. The point, here, is that I was pleasantly surprised by my enjoyment of Celtic Shaman, […]

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