Webcomic Review – Project Jikoku

Project JikokuIn all honesty Project Jikoku is not necessarily the type of webcomic I would read on a regular basis. However, I am a firm believer in trying new things, and am never afraid to broaden my horizons. Project Jikoku is very much the prototypical anime/manga style webcomic, with a sci-fi based story-line and a penchant for plot twists.

To me, this webcomic has the beginnings of elements that could lead to a truly great comic. I was particularly enamored with the artistic style employed, as well as the robustly varied panel layouts, and the hybrid page/strip model that is used to progress the story. Characters are extremely expressive (as one would expect, given the style) and I really enjoyed the communication that happens between characters through expression alone, augmenting the actual dialogue quite nicely.

The comic certainly has the right building blocks for an epic story with twists and turns abound, but I would describe the over-all state of the text as falling a little short of the type of polish required for greatness.

As an example, there were several spelling and grammatical errors throughout the archive that I couldn’t help but stumble over. Additionally, the while the story is certainly engaging, I think letting things simmer a little bit more would have served the characters better, as the progression goes from zero to sixty in about one strip.

Despite these relatively small foibles, the comic is certainly worth a look, especially if plot twists and Japanese style comics are in your strike zone. There is definitely enough interesting material to keep you flipping through the archive for several hours.

You can find Project Jikoku here: http://projectjikoku.thecomicseries.com
You can like the webcomic on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/projectjikoku
You can follow the writer on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/MasakoX

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