Webcomic Review – Mega Cynics

Mega CynicsIn the spirit of cynicism, I tried really hard not to like Mega Cynics. Not for any particular reason, but, you know, to be cynical. Turns out that didn’t work. Maybe it’s because I have two sisters, or more probably because there are elements of some of my favorite webcomics, but my writer brain kept coming up with positive things to say.

Mega Cynics follows the sorta-kinda continuous story-line, but mostly just gag-a-day existence of the two main characters, who are siblings separated by approximately 20 years. One is older and successful, the other young and poor. The interplay between them often centers around their disparate lifestyles, or how they interact with similar interests but from a completely different context. On pure character interplay alone, the comic is an entertaining read that is completely relate-able to anyone who has siblings. While I wouldn’t call the writing “absolutely hilarious,” it certainly is entertaining, with more than enough jokes to make you chuckle repeatedly. But there are certainly flashes of more humorous stuff, and certain strips will leave you rolling on the floor.

If the writing doesn’t capture your attention, you will be drawn in by the art. Mega Cynics is another great example of a webcomic that clearly shows its positive progression from the start of the archive to current strips. Characters are very expressive, with simple yet appealing character models with just enough detail to be interesting, but without excessive adornments. I really fell in love with the art style, and appreciate that it keeps getting better and better.

I will say, however, that there is room for improvement in terms of backgrounds and panel variations. Certain strips completely break the mold in both categories, but I think a little more variety would add an additional layer of interest that would only help the comic grow.

Mega Cynics has been added to my ‘must read’ folder, and after taking a look, I bet you will do the same.

You can read Mega Cynics here: http://www.megacynics.com
You can find Mega Cynics on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/MegaCynics
You can Like Mega Cynics on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/MegaCynics 

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