Creator Spotlight Series: Zombie Boy Comics

I am excited to announce the return of the creator spotlight series! For this installment, I present to you: Zombie Boy Comics!


A family vacation to Voodoo Island changed eleven-year old Morgan McCorkindale’s life forever. Although living-challenged, Zombie Boy lives death to the fullest! This year marks Zombie Boy’s twenty fifth anniversary as a cultural icon, and second year as an online comic strip. Join in the afterlife and adventures of the Ju-juvenile and his friends online Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Zombie Boy Comics

* What prompted you to start your webcomic?

I published my first Zombie Boy comic book in 1987 and have ad several other issues come out in the subsequent years, but Zombie Boy had basically been a dormant for a number of years. It really was the fear of losing my claim on the concept that motivated me to continue the series online. Use it or lose it, right?

* Which strip is your favorite?

I enjoy the Leaf Bandit strips. And the Truggz are a lot of fun. Any time I can show Zombie Boy and Claustria locking horns is a good one, too.

* Plans for the future?

I want to focus on longer story-lines that will go for a couple of weeks, which I eventually plan to put into some kind of book form at some point in the future.

* What other webcomics do you read regularly and think others should too?

Most of the people I read regularly and would recommend to others are listed in my Links section. Also, a lot of the people I subscribe to on Twitter are creators I would highly suggest people follow.

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  • Jabaru

    I just discovered this recently – which is awesome when you have so much back catalogue to go through. The creator – Mark Stokes – is a lovely guy as well and really down to earth!