Webcomic Review: Silk & Honey

Silk & HoneyAt the suggestion of one Gary Cohen, I decided to check out Silk & Honey. When I landed on the page, and realized this would be a Western style webcomic, I almost ran away; that’s just not generally my thing. However, I stuck with it, and I am sure glad I did. The comic combines a western setting with a more monster/fantasy character-set, rich with lore and back-story that is teased or explained in each accompanying blog post.

Aesthetically, the comic is impressive. For a black & white webcomic, there is a surprising amount of character & scene detail in each panel, and I particular like the clever use of shadow throughout. Characters have exaggerated expressions that provide interesting symmetry to sometimes understated dialogue. When the characters ‘transform’ into their true non-human states, I couldn’t help but be impressed. There isn’t a great deal of panel variation, which is usually something I look for in a truly great webcomic, but, only when it helps (or the lack thereof detracts) from the over-all experience. In this case, I was undecided. I noticed the lack of variation, but wasn’t getting bored due to the action and quick pace, so perhaps things balanced themselves out. Even without a great deal of panel variation, there are some really clever scenes that fill the frame in interesting ways. One of my favorites was the smoke scene in this strip: http://silknhoney.departure-productions.com/2012/06/20/06202012/

The writing and pace of the webcomic is interesting. There are dribs and drabs of back-story, and “off-scene” action, without belaboring the point. Things move quick, then pause, then quick again, which was interesting and somewhat intriguing. The story-line develops quickly, but perhaps a little too quick. I feel like there is a lot of “something” that I don’t know, that the author assumes the audience will figure out. Perhaps that will come in time, but there were a few times I felt out of the loop.

Even if the Western setting isn’t normally your cup of tea, I would recommend reading through the archive, as you might find yourself surprised at how much you are enjoying things. Plus, you can get in while things are still relatively new as the webcomic started just under a year ago.

You can read Silk & Honey here: http://silknhoney.departure-productions.com
You can find Silk & Honey on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/indigoshift

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