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Registered Weapon

Webcomic Review – Registered Weapon

So, when I asked the Twitterverse for a webcomic that was both funny, yet also story-line driven, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Deep within the pile of suggestions, was Registered Weapon. This webcomic is certainly an interesting take on the age-old old cop, new cop crime-fighting genre. The main character (old cop) is […]

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Help me decide!

There are way too many exceptional webcomics out there, and deciding on my own can be tough. Help me pick who to review next!

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By The Fingernails

Webcomic Review: By The Fingernails

I don’t have children, and frankly, based on their depiction in many webcomics, I am not sure I want them. As such, any webcomic that chronicles a stay-at-home dad and his family oriented (mis) adventures that can consistently illicit true out loud laughing is worth noting. By The Fingernails is one such webcomic. Perhaps the […]

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The Infected Webcomic

Webcomic Review: The Infected Webcomic

I stumbled onto The Infected Webcomic by way of recommendation from a friend. I was immediately hooked by the interesting artwork, and decided to peer a little closer. Ultimately, I think this webcomic has potential, and with practice and refinement, is sure to win over legions of fans. Clearly, the unique artistic style is the […]

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