Webcomic Review: The Infected Webcomic

The Infected WebcomicI stumbled onto The Infected Webcomic by way of recommendation from a friend. I was immediately hooked by the interesting artwork, and decided to peer a little closer. Ultimately, I think this webcomic has potential, and with practice and refinement, is sure to win over legions of fans.

Clearly, the unique artistic style is the immediate main draw. There is something indescribably appealing about the chunky, un-refined, almost out-line-ey method that is used throughout that makes things interesting, whether the scene is complex or simple. Panels are usually well varied, with a nice mix of complex action scenes, detailed stills, and simplistic scenes meant for dialogue. Variation between panels is also an area for possible improvement; there are some layouts that are a little drab, or downright confusing, where dialogue doesn’t flow naturally from one panel to the next, because it isn’t clear where the eye is meant to go. My final observation is with regards to color; the strips employ a partial color, partial ‘monochromatic’ style that is certainly interesting, and lends itself well to the mystery that shrouds to the story-line.

Speaking of writing, the story itself has a fair bit of ambiguity, which is both intriguing and frustrating at the same time. I am all for a good mystery, but things start off in a somewhat disjointed way, with very little explanation of what is going on. The explanation that is given feels like it has holes in it, right from the very start. Things begin to become clearer as time goes on, but each time a question is answered, a new question pops up where you might not want there to be one. For example, new characters pop into the story, and the characters seem to know who they are, but there isn’t a lot of context provided to the reader. But, the pace is quick, and as you continue reading, the mystery gets deeper in mostly good ways.

I am excited to see where this webcomic takes things in the future, and is definitely worth checking out, especially if you like interesting artwork.

You can read The Infected Webcomic here: http://theinfectedwebcomic.smackjeeves.com/

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