Webcomic Review: By The Fingernails

By The FingernailsI don’t have children, and frankly, based on their depiction in many webcomics, I am not sure I want them. As such, any webcomic that chronicles a stay-at-home dad and his family oriented (mis) adventures that can consistently illicit true out loud laughing is worth noting. By The Fingernails is one such webcomic.

Perhaps the best part about the ‘jokes’ in this webcomic is that they aren’t really jokes at all. Each strip generally contains a funny truth or humorous observation about life as a parent, and the crazy situations they often find themselves in involving their children. And, without complicated prose or linguistic adornment, many strips lead you down the path to that humorous observation in a unique and entertaining way. I had trouble selecting just one favorite, so here are two: this one and that one.

Artistically the webcomic isn’t what I would call advanced. But, even though the panels are usually fairly ‘simple’ in terms of their art, they doesn’t necessarily mean they are ‘simple’ in their construction. In fact, I would absolutely love it if artist D.A. Schubert would step out of the box and do a few things differently. For starters, I think larger panels would help a lot- give the characters a little more breathing room. Second, there isn’t a great deal of panel variation, which is a damn shame because some of the intra-panel scenes are fairly complex, and it would add an additional element of depth of those scenes made use of varied panel layout/construction to paint a similar picture. None of that is to say the art isn’t good, but same-ness of the panels strip after strip can lead the reader to feel like they have seen the strip before, which is never a good first impression.

But, at the end of the day, the art is certainly not detracting from the humor, and you’re there for the hilarity, which is never in short supply. There is a certain ease in which the ‘jokes’ are delivered, which makes a jaunt through the archive a quick and rewarding experience.

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