Creator Spotlight Series: Christian Henry

As you may remember from my review, I am a huge fan of Christian Henry and his webcomic Anyone for Rhubarb. I’m thrilled to be featuring him in this installment of the creator spotlight series.

“Anyone for Rhubarb?” is a weekly updated webcomic. It’s a so-called gag-a-week comic with the sole mission of making people smirk wildly. The humor is best described as somewhat absurd and typically downright non sequitur. The topics range widely from week to week. Sometimes pop culturally referential in nature, sometimes not so much.

Anyone for RhubarbQ: What prompted you to start a web comic?

A couple of reasons actually. I was in the process of trying to establish myself as an illustrator and it felt like a great way to showcase my abilities – perhaps even make a name for myself in a non-pushy fashion, as opposed to just bombarding people with unsolicited drawings. Not that I don’t do that as well. Secondly, it gave me a good reason, not to mention the motivation, to draw every day. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to make comics. With the internet right there, why not just do it?

Q: Which strip is your favorite?

I have a have a hard time choosing just one – mostly because there’s been a lot of variation in the strips I’ve done on “Anyone for Rhubarb?”. I’ve handpicked three.

As for shorter comics I would definitely highlight the strip “The Bigger the Better”. It’s also one of my first multi-panel comics. The timing is just right and the delivery is both natural and elegant. If only I could achieve that with every comic.

I also feel like mentioning “Built to Last“, which is another older strip. I like the way it tells this weird little story, equally funny and melancholic without any real end punch line per se, and somehow it still works. I’ve found this surprisingly hard to accomplish again later. It bugs me, because I think that’s really a type of comic I’d like to make more of. Also, all the sci-fi robot quotes were fun to sneak in. I remember being kind of disappointed that no one seemed to pick up on it.

Finally, “Tom and Will and Turtle“, one of my latest strips. It has so much absurdity and craziness, but still kinda makes sense in a weird way. Absurd ideas are not hard to get, but to install them with a sort of inner logic is not easy. Not for me at least. I think the Tom and Will comics do that very well.

Q: Plans for the future?

I don’t have any huge plans. I hope to still be able to find the time to create comics, while maintaining a quality I’m happy with. It’s important for me to feel like I evolve as a comic artist and there must be time to experiment and push my comic skills in the process for that to happen. As it is now, there isn’t always that kind of time, but I can get by on “once and a while”.

I also hope to strengthen the sense of an “Anyone for Rhubarb?”-universe. Mainly by doing longer stories and having more recurring characters.

Q: What other web comics do you read regularly and think others should too?

I read a lot – both as inspiration, but also just to keep up with what the people I know in web comics are doing. I don’t feel like mentioning any names, cause I’ll forget some. And people will cry. I will however mention The Digital Strips Podcast, as it is an awesome show. They even mentioned “Anyone for Rhubarb?” very favorably on a couple of occasions. That gives them double up on awesome.

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