Webcomic Review: Scapula

Scapula ComicThis webcomic was suggested to me by none other than the creator himself. There are several reasons to take a peak, some of which I will convey to you in webcomic review format:

The story of Scapula follows the mis-begotten adventures of a would-be villain, who is foiled by the universe as he attempts to make a name for himself in the seedy underworld of evil-doers. There’s something oh so entertaining about rooting for the underdog, when you know very well that the underdog in this scenario is actually really terrible (or at least trying to be). All of Scapulas evil associates have their own quirky personalities, which have developed nicely throughout the course of the archive.

I’m not quite sure why, but aesthetically, the strips remind me of newspaper cartoons of yesteryear, but with a slightly more web-friendly gleam. Not a bad thing by any means, and character expressions are usually over-the-top with detail. Scenes are well constructed, though there is a tendency towards lots of text, which can sometimes get in the way of the over-all presentation. One of my favorite aspects of this webcomic is the brief synopsis at the beginning and cliff-hanger style preview of the next strip. Plenty of nostalgic “tune in next week’s” to be found.

As with any webcomic, there are a few areas of possible improvement. As mentioned above, some panels employ a great deal of text. The ‘strategic non use’ of text does not seem to be employed much, and I think that might be something fun to experiment with. Also, the dialogue itself, while improved throughout the years, is sometimes on the simplistic end of the spectrum, heavily reliant on ‘yelling’ and dramatic outbursts. This certainly fits the characters personalities, but, it can be a little repetitive. Finally, while there is some panel variation, there certainly isn’t anything pushing the envelope and more variety might be appreciated by long-time readers.

With a story and characters this quirky, spending some time flipping through the archive would be time well spent.

You can read Scapula here: http://www.scapulacomic.com
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    This comic looks brilliant – loving the really expressive art style!