Webcomic Review: Zukahnaut

ZUKAHNAUT_-__111_–_Relics_from_AboveAh, it feels good to be back. I thought my triumphant return (hear those trumpets blaring in the background???) should kick off with a webcomic review. To that end, I spent several hours diving into Zukahnaut by Otty Justason and Sonya Somers.

If I had to sum this webcomic up in one word, it would be…zany. Yes, zany feels right. The comic follows an alien stranded on earth as he strives for personal redemption by helping humankind from the dangerous ‘portal’ phenomenon. The story itself is interesting and unique. The main character, Zukah, is a bit of a cliche in terms of personality (tough guy, bad jokes, eventually saves the day), but that doesn’t hold this comic back. Rather, its an element of familiarity in an otherwise unfamiliar setting.

One of my favorite elements about this webcomic is the wide use of varied panel layouts. The artists do a nice job of moving readers through scenes in interesting ways, and the strips have a very ‘traditional’ comic-book feel to them. Additionally, many panels often include little ‘Easter eggs’ if you’re looking hard enough. A joke hidden here on a sign, an unexpected object tucked into the background. It is this attention to detail that I often find lacking. The story itself is making progress, but the early strips moved at an odd pace; sometimes several would go by without drastically advancing the story, while others would represent a big leap. All in all, I look forward to seeing how this story plays out.

You can read Zukahnaut here: http://www.zukahnaut.com/
Follow Zukahnaut on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Zukahnaut
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  • http://demonarchives.com/ Daniel Sharp

    Zukahnaut is also one of my favorite comics. Otty and Sonya have a lot of fun with the comic, but also pour a lot of their heart into it. Zukah is a great character that I personally don’t actually find too cliche. Not often does the ugly warty guy get to be the hero, especially when he lacks in social graces.

    Also, you still call it “Scapula” (the comic you reviewed before this) when you direct readers to follow on Twitter and Facebook.

    • http://demonarchives.com/ Daniel Sharp

      Hey @yourwebcomics, this still refers to the wrong comic. Scapula instead of Zukahnaut.

      • yourwebcomics

        Fixed! Thanks for the tip.

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