Webcomic Review: Sprinkles

Sage_Spending_Advice_-_Jennifer_Draws_ComicsTwo webcomic reviews in two days!? I know what you’re thinking; I AM spoiling you, dear readers. Can this pace truly continue!? Only time will tell. What I DO know, is that I fell in love with Sprinkles.

In format, Sprinkles is a fairly standard ‘slice of life’ style comic that recounts the “totally true real life” events of the characters involved (a husband, a wife, and their two cats). Strip presentation and aesthetics aren’t breaking any barriers, but the characters are well drawn and do exhibit visible personality.

What really shines is the humor. Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at almost every strip I looked at. And it all seems so authentic; I imagine that Jennifer and her husband Brett really do interact as depicted in the comic. And, that cats. Oh, the cats. Maybe I just have a soft spot for all fur-bags everywhere, but the strips involving cats were particularly of note. If only the comic were in color and updated more than once a week. Ah well, I can dream, can’t I…?

You can read Sprinkles here: http://jenniferdrawscomics.com/sprinkles
Follow Sprinkles on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/tthcomic

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    Sprinkles is one of my very favorite comics, and the praise is muchly justified. Keep it up, Jen! 😀

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