Webcomic Review: Grappleseed

Grapplecomic_com_-_Comic__2I love reading webcomics. There is so much incredible talent out there. There isn’t enough time in the day to unearth all of the great creators toiling away at their passion. I can summarize my feelings on Grappleseed thusly: it is a feast for the eyes in an utterly intriguing setting.

The world you enter when reading Grappleseed is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The ground is above you, while the sky is below you. Crazy, right? The concept is so foreign, that literally everything is turned on its head. Executing that concept visually is, by itself, a daunting task. Making it look both natural yet completely bizarre is quite the accomplishment. And that is exactly what Grappleseed does, in an aesthetic style that is fresh and well-crafted. From colors to highly detailed characters, to intricate backgrounds, this webcomic is incredibly pleasing to look at.

I will admit that I had a little trouble following some of the explanations related to how gravity works and how x weight causes y reaction. I think part of that is the strange nature of the concepts involved. The other part of that is that the writing is…a little clunky. Sometimes it seems far too simplistic and heavy-handed, which doesn’t jive well with any attempt to contextualize the strange world the read is exploring. Dialogue is a bit choppy at times, too. But, the visuals are so impressive that it is easy to look past these flaws and still enjoy a truly impressive entry into the world of webcomics. Bravo.

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