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Creator Spotlight Series: BugByte

Happy to spotlight a longtime supporter, BugByte! Synopsis: Something strange and secret is happening deep in the desert of the southeastern United States. In a hidden military base, scientists have created the ultimate genetically-engineered soldiers; highly intelligent, immune to illness and chemical weapons, and stronger than the mightiest humans alive. But what happens when these […]

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Creator Spotlight Series: Iain Oakley

Iain has been a long-time Twitter friend and supporter of the site. I’m delighted to present this creator spotlight of Iain, and the original strip he did just for us! Synopsis Snapped Controller is a 4 day a week gag a day strip about pop culture including 2 guys a girl and a pizz…oh no […]

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Dam secret base HR

Creator Spotlight Series: Dan Sharp

I couldn’t resist reaching out to Dan Sharp after doing a review on his webcomic The Demon Archives. I’m excited about the return of the creator spotlight series; hopefully you are too! Synopsis: Set in 22nd century Earth, over 100 years after an apocalyptic WW3, The Demon Archives tells the survivors’ stories as they struggle […]

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Webcomic Review: Beret

Someone suggested I check out Beret, so I did. I was not prepared for what was in store. This webcomic is…bewildering. But not necessarily in a bad way. The setting appears to be some sort of fantasy world where most of the population lives on floating islands that soar above a swirling mass of evil. […]

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Webcomic Review: Demon Archives

I’ll be honest; I often write about great webcomics that I really enjoy. I try and present a balanced view by pointing out areas that could be improved. But, I don’t like The Demon Archives. I LOVE it. Prepare yourself for some well-deserved gushing. You’ve been warned. I’m not even sure where to start. Artistically, this […]

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Webcomic Review: Black Mudpuppy

Today’s webcomic review is another great example of an artist that has clearly undergone great growth in a relatively short period of time. Black Mudpuppy is the zany tale of a god punished to help us puny mortals to regain his powers. This webcomic is a great, lighthearted continuous storyline with a unique premise, which […]

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