Webcomic Review: Black Mudpuppy

The_Black_Mudpuppy_»_Blood__Smoke_and_Mirrors_Page_12Today’s webcomic review is another great example of an artist that has clearly undergone great growth in a relatively short period of time. Black Mudpuppy is the zany tale of a god punished to help us puny mortals to regain his powers.

This webcomic is a great, lighthearted continuous storyline with a unique premise, which is always refreshing to come across. The main character is punished for excessive violence against goats (as depicted in the very first comic) and as such is sentenced to live out life as a salamander, of all things. After some time, he is given a chance to redeem himself by performing good deeds. As you can imagine, the story follows his progression towards redemption.

What the original strips lack in detail and craftsmanship, the latest strips exhibit in spades. The transformation from just a few years ago is clearly visible, and reading through recent updates is a treat well worth the trip through the archives. Panel variation, dialogue, artistic use of negative space, etc have all improved a great deal. The main character has always had a bit of a rebel attitude, but as the story has progressed, his personality has really shone through and steals the show in just about every strip.

Black Mudpuppy isn’t traditional in any sense of the word; and if you’re looking for something new to read, add this one to your list immediately.

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