Webcomic Review: Demon Archives

Chapter_0__Page_2_-_Bye_bye__Dubai__I’ll be honest; I often write about great webcomics that I really enjoy. I try and present a balanced view by pointing out areas that could be improved. But, I don’t like The Demon Archives. I LOVE it. Prepare yourself for some well-deserved gushing. You’ve been warned.

I’m not even sure where to start. Artistically, this webcomic is fantastic. Each strip has the presentation and craft of a major dramatically shot, cinematic movie. The ‘prologue’ as it were, progresses at an incredible pace, mixing drama and action with fluid ease. Each strip is more like a scene, with intricate interlocking pieces playing off each other in a delicate dance that mixes style and grace. Even mundane transitionary panels are interesting to look at. Pay close attention; there are tons of little details worked into each strip. These aesthetic trinkets are not merely adornments; they add real depth and interest to each panel, even when the subject matter is decidedly gruesome.

The premise of this webcomic is interesting in its own right; WWIII has left the planet nearly destroyed. 100 years later, mankind has found a way to live on, but very few people are safe. Benevolent military forces wrapped in robotic exoskeletons attempt to protect who they can, with varying degrees of success. The prologue sets the tone of the story perfectly and without wasted effort. Character development happens quickly and efficiently. And the prose, while a bit verbose at times, gets markedly better as the story progresses.

This webcomic will absolutely be added to my bookmark folder. I started this review a few days ago, but simply HAD to get through the entire archive before attempting to write anything. I suggest you drop what you are doing immediately and spin through everything produced to date.

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  • http://demonarchives.com/ Daniel Sharp

    Thanks so much! I’m so glad you both enjoyed the story and could see what we are trying to accomplish 😀

    You have the same typo as earlier with Zukahnaut, though, saying follow “The Black Mudpuppy” (a good decision on it’s own) on twitter while linking to us 😉

    • yourwebcomics

      I really can’t wait to see! How often do you update?

      • http://demonarchives.com/ Daniel Sharp

        Twice a week, M/Th, with comic pages. Other days with content much like your own: reviews, interviews, etc. :) There’s an RSS feed if you use those.