Webcomic Review: Beret

BERET_-_Chapter_Five__Pg8Someone suggested I check out Beret, so I did. I was not prepared for what was in store. This webcomic is…bewildering. But not necessarily in a bad way.

The setting appears to be some sort of fantasy world where most of the population lives on floating islands that soar above a swirling mass of evil. “Artists” are essentially wizards; with their artistic skill they can do everything from pull flying cars out of thin air to craft deadly attacks on the monsters that plague the world. If that sounds crazy and off the walls, that pretty much sums this comic up.

Artistically, there is a lot to like. Broad sweeping panels with tons of great motion and action are the norm. Dialogue can be a little drawn out, yet choppy at the same time. By this I mean sometimes it takes three pages to say something very simple, which can try your patience at times. But the payoff is usually worth it. The artist also has a flair for made-up action words, like FOOMP! They are kitschy and frequent and used perfectly.

The comic is black and white, and starts off with some pretty high drama. But the websites background is all black, as are the spaces between panels, so the aesthetic really works. I am about half-way through the archive and could barely pull myself away to write this review. Despite the absolute insanity represented by this fictitious world, I simply couldn’t stop reading.

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