Creator Spotlight Series: Dan Sharp

I couldn’t resist reaching out to Dan Sharp after doing a review on his webcomic The Demon Archives. I’m excited about the return of the creator spotlight series; hopefully you are too!

Set in 22nd century Earth, over 100 years after an apocalyptic WW3, The Demon Archives tells the survivors’ stories as they struggle to rebuild civilization. The comic focuses on Minerva, one of the few high tech organizations that survived the War, as we learn how they established a beacon of hope in the dreary wasteland of central Asia.  In the first chapters we follow the actions of Tenzin, a power-armored Minervan soldier, and his Oracle AI, Jane, as they fight to protect the ideals Minerva stands for in an increasingly chaotic world.

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Q: What prompted you to start a web comic?
A: I started writing the story behind The Demon Archives in a creative sci-fi/fantasy writing class in early 2012.  One of the things I quickly realized is that I was weakest in establishing the feel of the setting with words alone.  So my brother and I decided we should look for an artist to turn it into a graphic novel, complementing my weakness.  Since we aren’t made of money, producing it slowly and publishing it serially as a webcomic just made the most sense.
Q: Which page is your favorite?
A:  Favorite page…That’s a toughee.  It’s probably a page that won’t post for a couple months actually.  It has some of my best dialogue yet, as well as some of the best visual conveying of emotion by Seba to date. Of the pages that have posted?  Probably this one: Around here I really reached a groove with Seba regarding the balance of dialogue and visuals.  The text is limited, but powerful, and complements the visuals nicely.
Q: Plans for the future?
A:  Keep on comicking!  A Kickstarter this summer to raise funds to print physical copies.  Attend a con.  Make enough money off the project to continue paying our artists indefinitely.
Q: What other web comics do you read regularly and think others should too?
Hoo boy, I read like 100 comics.  You can see most of them on my links page: Specifically, I gotta recommend Zukahnaut, Black Mudpuppy, Tethered, and Blitz Phoenix. All great comics that aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

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