Creator Spotlight Series: Iain Oakley

Iain has been a long-time Twitter friend and supporter of the site. I’m delighted to present this creator spotlight of Iain, and the original strip he did just for us!


Snapped Controller is a 4 day a week gag a day strip about pop culture including 2 guys a girl and a pizz…oh no wait, sorry 2 guys a naked alien and a bear that used to be a toy. Sure there is a girl in there too, but absolutely no fast food restaurants of any kind.
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Q: What prompted you to start a web comic?
I started snapped controller cause I have always wanted to draw comics, back in my school days I had a comic strip called DJ Cats, about a cat that could walk and talk, it was awful rubbish, but as a kid I thought it was the coolest thing around. I was a fan of Peanuts, Garfield, Fred Bassett and of course Calvin and Hobbes, but it was (and you’ll have to bare with me) Three men and a Baby that got me to start drawing. Okay, you remember Michael played by Steve Guttenbu, Steve GuttenBe, Mahoney from Police Academy? Well he was a satirist drawing Johnny Cool, and before Twitch and Ustream and Youtube, this was the first time I saw an artists drawing table, and thought it was the coolest thing in the world. So I began drawing and didn’t look back.

Q: Which strip is your favorite?

Http:// was quite an unexpected hit in the story of Gears of War 3 and despite my hatred of my art back then this one has held up quite well.Its followed closely by

Which is me and the wife, every damn night.

Q: Plans for the future?
I’m about to have my first kid, well my wife is, but I was involved in R&D on it. So that will take a tonne of my time, but I’m going nowhere, and the strip will continue, I’ve done strips through April (paternity) so I have no plans to drop a day. The obvious answer is to take this from part time hobby for pizza money, to full time job that pays my bills. I don’t want millions just enough to pay my bills and release a book or two down the line. I got my 1st patron the other day so I’m 1/200th of the way there.

Q: What other web comics do you read regularly and think others should too?
I read Penny Arcade, of course, PVP, and Sheldon, but I always say to people Broodhollow. I know it’s popular, but if you’re not on board you should be. It’s amazing.

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