Creator Spotlight Series: BugByte

Happy to spotlight a longtime supporter, BugByte!


Something strange and secret is happening deep in the desert of the southeastern United States. In a hidden military base, scientists have created the ultimate genetically-engineered soldiers; highly intelligent, immune to illness and chemical weapons, and stronger than the mightiest humans alive. But what happens when these chimeras can’t understand a single spoken command?



Q: What prompted you to start a web comic?

I started reading webcomics around 2002-2003, while I was in high school. I was fascinated with the fact that they were free to read, as well as the variety of stories out there, and the fact that the creators worked on them so passionately. In my senior year of high school, I made a short comic book as a final project for an English class and was pretty much hooked on the process after that. I started working on my first comic, Messenger (, that summer, and then started working on Follower ( about eight years later as a collaborative project with my husband. I love the freedom of publishing my own work online, and how it’s possible to interact with readers so easily. Sometimes I think about what will happen if I ever reach the end of a comic, but I’m pretty sure it’s an addiction at this point and that will never happen anyway since I’ll just start a new project to take its place.

Q: Which strip is your favorite?

It’s hard to nail it down to one particular strip or page, but my favorite part for the moment is a scene that’s coming up in Follower in the next few weeks, starting with this page in chapter two: http://follower. webcomic/improvements-33-keep- me-apprised-doctor/ Delade (who writes Follower) and I have been working on getting to this point for close to two years and it’s just been killing me not to talk about it all this time. I finally finished drawing that section of the story a few weeks ago, so now I just have to post them as the weeks go by. It’s going to be fun watching people’s reactions, both for this part of the comic and for the things that come as a result of it. It’s a satisfying feeling.

Q: Plans for the future?

LOTS of plans, haha. Messenger has been on a break for a while, but I’m currently getting that back on a regular update schedule. I’m hoping in the next year or so to finally get around to collecting the first 300 pages or so into a proper printed volume! To say it without spoiling anything to come, Follower is very quickly getting to a point in the story I’ve been looking forward to pretty much since we started the comic. Delade and I have scripted through the fifth chapter, and outlined the rest of the series, so we have a lot in store. We just attended our first convention this weekend and we’re working on adding more dates to our lineup for the rest of the year. So, in short, we’ve got no shortage of plans and ideas for the future. Having time, on the other hand, is the hard part.

Q: What other web comics do you read regularly and think others should too?

There are way too many to talk about concisely, but one of my current favorites is Monster Pulse by Magnolia Porter. ( It’s an all-ages science fiction adventure story featuring a group of kids with monster partners, who just happen to have been created from their own body parts and organs. The characters are so endearing and read like real kids, and I really love the color pages that have been added more recently. It’s a wonderful, entertaining story. Another of my favorites that I feel doesn’t get enough love is What it Takes, by KEZ. ( it-takes/) What it Takes is a post-apocalyptic survival story following a martial artist named Colbey as she searches for her missing fiancé after the end of the world. I’m pretty partial to end-of-the-world stories as evidenced by my own comics, but What it Takes is pretty unique among comics of this sort. The monochrome sepia-toned look of the strip lends the comic an interesting feel, and the story has many, MANY times left me yelling “NOOOOO.” KEZ is a master of toying with my emotions, and yet, I can’t stop reading. I very highly recommend her work.

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