Webcomic Review: Meat & Bone

Meat___BoneI know, I know. Another hiatus. Life has a way of stalling our passion projects, and I’ve certainly not been immune to that phenomenon. However, I want this year to be different, so here goes…

This webcomic review came to me via email. Creator Kat reached out (something I encourage everyone to do), and I gladly took a look at her work.

Meat & Bone follows the story of the main characters struggle with life, relationships, and issues with body image. Thematically, there is a lot of resonance with problems I think everyone can relate to, though the characters ongoing unhealthy relationship with food can be both a positive and a negative. Personally, this isn’t something I have specifically dealt with, but that didn’t prevent me from understanding what the character was going through. Some, though, might not find the subject of interest, and the other secondary storylines might not be enough of a draw. Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of other sub-plots, mainly in the vein of work/life/relationship satisfaction (or lack thereof) but the main character is one that takes some effort to fall for.

Artistically, this webcomic is a great example of an artists growth over time. While panel variation has certainly been great throughout, the actual imagery has improved dramatically from the very first strip to the most recent. So, kudos to Kat there.

If I could levy one criticism, it would be that the very first strips felt like they were the middle of a story I missed part of. There wasn’t really a ton of backstory or character development, and I felt a bit lost. To rectify this, I actually decided to start at the most recent and work my way back, which I usually refuse to do. In this case, I think it actually helped my understanding of what was going on, so that might be a tactic any new reader should consider.

You can read Meat & Bone here.
You can follow the creator on Twitter here.

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