Webcomic Review: Out of My Element

Out of My ElementThe sheer number of webcomic options out there right now is simply staggering. Coming across on I truly enjoy is a rare treat indeed. For this webcomic review, I have chosen Out of My Element, which stars a zany cast of rebels, nobles, and (you guessed it) elementals.

I would describe this webcomic as s mixture of elemental-oriented fantasy and light political intrigue. Some characters posses elemental powers, and they are diametrically opposed to “the powers that be” who currently enjoy their position of power as the nobles of this world. As far as plots go, Out of My Element is relatively standard, with a few surprises here and there.

What shines is the art and the characters themselves. Aesthetically, the comic is very appealing; varied panels, clever transitions, and fantastic use of color. The fact that the main, female character shows some skin now and then doesn’t hurt either. The characters have distinctly entertaining personalities, which are hard not to fall for. The interplay between them is fun to follow along, and there is always a sense of ‘what will happen next?’

If I were to raise one small point of concern, it is that the dialogue itself is sometimes a bit…simple. That’s not to say it isn’t good, but there is definitely room to hone the copy (as a craft) to bring it up to par with the stellar art. That having been said, if you can look past any text-based limitations, the plot and characters do develop nicely, and with increasing amounts of, well, zaniness. As with many of the webcomics I end up reviewing, there has been really great signs in terms of creator growth over time, which is always nice to see. I for one plan on continuing to follow along.

You can ready Out of My Element here.
You can find the artist on Twitter here.

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