Webcomic Review: A B & C comic

A B & CPeople sometimes ask me how I pick which webcomics to review. There are a lot of factors; sometimes folks ask and I love what I see. Other times I’ve been a long-time fan and finally find the words to describe why I follow along. There’s a bunch of other reasons too, but those are deep, dark secrets that shant be uttered here.

Sometimes, it’s because I find a webcomic that is clever and deserving, but doesn’t seem to have the following I know it could. A B & C comic is one such strip. I found this webcomic a few months ago, and have been quietly lurking in the shadows ever since. If loose continuity, joke-a-day type comics aren’t you’re thing, you should probably stop reading. I’ll wait. If they ARE you’re thing, well then my friend, you are in luck.

As I mentioned, I think A B & C comic is clever and that’s the best compliment I could pay it. To me, clever means it isn’t outrageously funny, (though it sometimes is), and the art, while really great, doesn’t blow other webcomics out of the water. But the dialogue between characters, and the topics chosen for jokes are often very, very clever. Punchline delivery, in terms of comedic timing, is near to perfect. This is a webcomic I love to savor, much like a glass of fine wine. No guzzling Pabst here. Over time, I trust you’ll come to enjoy these character as much as I do, and eagerly anticipate each Monday’s update like I do!

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